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About Us

Creating employment, Eliminating Poverty, Improving the economy of members.

Who Joins this company Every person, Depending on his needs, By purchasing any goods based on the order. Monthly Rs.15000 can generate more income opportunity.

Starting Health natural nutritional and A to Z all products are online purchase available here.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Joining Amount Rs.5000/- (Five Thousand Only) Our Product Purchase.
  • 2. Joining Person, atleast 4 person to be introduced compulsory.
  • 3. Each Level the person to be purchase our products Depending on that level compulsory.
  • 4. On each withdraw, the admin fee = 5% & TDS 10% have to pay to the company, the minimum withdraw will be upto Rs.1000/-
  • 5. The company will not refund the amount at any cost.
  • 6. From Income will be created company ID Auto Direct and put it in your direct.
  • 7. You can earn Rs.1 crore, if you do the above 6 conditions properly. The authority reserves the right to change the business plan, terms and conditions without assigning any reasons.